Managing Competition, Conflict, and Cooperation in a Pandemic World

A marathon discussion by leading minds. Around the world, around the clock.

The biggest
International Relations
event of the year!



London — 02:30 to 16:30

Paris / Berlin / Amsterdam — 03:30 to 17:30

Cairo — 04:30 to 18:30

Moscow / Ankara — 05:30 to 19:30

Abu Dhabi — 06:30 to 20:30

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Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI) is again leading an international consortium of think tanks from various countries to convene a virtual Global Town Hall, that will be held on Saturday, 20 November 2021, with the theme “Managing Competition, Conflict, and Cooperation in a Pandemic World.”


The purpose of the Global Town Hall is to provide an independent platform to discuss the state of the world still grappling with the COVID-19 crisis, evaluate policy challenges and lessons learned, and gather ideas for future direction, especially in terms of how to rebuild the world economically, socially, environmentally, diplomatically, and even geopolitically.




The State of the World 2021



Good News is Good News!: A Discussion on Things that are Going Right in World Affairs



The Future of Afghanistan and Its Impact on Regional Security



The Geopolitics of Competition and Alignments: How Far will the Strategic Rivalries Go and What are the Chances for Rapprochement?



Celebrities Session: What Needs to Be Fixed in Our Broken World?



COVID-19 Pandemic in Year Two: The Challenge of Vaccinating the Global Population



The Ticking Time Bomb of Climate Change: Accelerating Climate Actions after COP-26 Glasgow



Growth, Inequality, Disruptions, and Dislocations in the World Economy: What Has Happened to the “Great Reset”?



Technology as the New Frontier of Competition and Cooperation



Principles for Post-COVID-19 World: Leading Minds Discuss What the Post-Pandemic World Should Look Like?


* The above sessions and its corresponding names are subject to change. 


The virtual conference will be a global discussion covering different time zones across the world, from Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Russia, Canada, North America, and Latin America.


It will run from 09:30 until 23:30 WIB so as to accommodate speakers, panelists, and audience from Washington DC, Ottawa, London, Berlin, Moscow, New Delhi, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, Beijing, Tokyo, and Wellington, among others – hence “Around The World” and “Around The Clock.” The technical operation and logistical organization for the Global Town Hall will be conducted from Jakarta.


Global Town Hall this year will consist of around 10 consecutive sessions, covering: state of the world 2021, vaccinating the global population, climate change, geopolitical competition, the world economy, the future of Afghanistan, this year’s good news, technological contest, and will also include a popular celebrities’ session for the youth. To entertain the audience, we will also have acts (relating to the theme of the Town Hall) by comedians from different countries in between sessions.


There will be a tentative count of ten sessions to be featured. The majority of sessions are timed for 75 minutes while some will be allocated for 45 minutes and 30 minutes. All will be conducted virtually. Several sessions will commence with a 10-20 minute address by international figures and continued with a panel discussion for the remainder of the time.




For session update and coordination on general matters, please contact:

Ambassador Iwan Wiranataatmadja

Chief Operating Officer, Global Town Hall

For institutional partnership, please contact:

Calvin Khoe

Esther N. S. Tamara

For university partnerships, please contact:

Cindy Mandagi

For media inquiries, please contact:

Mohamad Irfan


For sponsorship, please contact:

Nur Afni Damanik

FoFor organizational partnership, please contact:

Willy Dwira Yudha